During Prohibition Nobody Could Beat A Buffet and Unlimited Alcoholic Drinks

I know what you’re thinking.

This is one of those cheesy dinner shows that you spend a bunch of money on and you come out with the short end of the stick.

Capone’s Dinner Show is a bit different than most dinner shows that you’ve experienced in other cities.

When you arrive at Capone’s Buggs Moran, a Chicago wise guy rocking an Italian suit will greet you.

Box Office

He will take you to the box office to pick up your tickets.

With your tickets in hand you will head into the entry queue.

Once you find yourself staring at a wall you need to knock three times and a small window will open in the wall.

Let the person on the other side know your password and they will welcome you in through a hidden door.

The theatre has the ambiance of a 1930’s nightclub.

You’ll hve your group mug shots photographed and then Bunny or her husband, Fingers, will show you to your table.

Box Office

Remember, you have just been transported back to 1930 Chicago in the midst of the prohibition era.

Yet there are drinks poured in abundance within the confines of Capone’s.

When you are seated your server will arrive in style, he may even be wearing a holstered gun.

This is of course for your protection, in case the coppers or rival gangsters drop in.

There are wine, spirit and beer options included with your ticket.

The Show

A spotlight will appear on stage and as the curtains open out will come Jewel, Bunny, Honey and Sunny; signifying the start of the show.

It’s a great storyline filled with twists, turns and participation from the audience.

You may even hear your server scream out to the folks on stage or join them on stage for a number.

During the intermission a paperboy (or girl) will arrive with hot-of-the-press newspapers bearing your name and mugshot.

Around the time of this delivery is also around the time when your dessert will be served.

As the show comes to a close all guests are encouraged to take photos with the cast.

Definitely do this if you want a few hilarious memories of the wonderful time you had at Capone’s.

The staff is great, the food is filling and the show is quite memorable.

You do not want to miss this show during your visit to Florida.

If you want a great show that is full of suspense and laughter then you want to reserve your seats at Capone’s today.


After you have given your drink order to your server he will direct you to the buffet area.

Don’t start off with too much or you will have to go back for a second plate, my biggest mistake.

Here you will find a fresh salad bar, pasta, various sauces, Chicago-style pizza, meat carving station and many other delicious options.

As the lights dim a voice will come over the speakers reminding you that you have now entered the place where Al Capone was king, Chicago.

  • bread sticks
  • chicken nuggets
  • French fries
  • meatballs
  • marinara sauce
  • spaghetti
  • baked ziti
  • deep dish Chicago-style cheese and pepperoni pizza
  • meat lasagna

NEW! Salad bar filled with fresh seasonal veggies & toppings!

  • Italian sausage, peppers and onions
  • dressing
  • turkey gravy
  • beef gravy
  • mashed potatoes
  • mixed vegetables

NEW! Fresh hot meat carving station featuring:

  • roast turkey
  • steak
  • herb and cheese-stuffed roasted pork tenderloin


Winner of AOL's Best of City Themed Restaurants

"My husband and I visited Saturday night to celebrate our anniversary and my birthday. Thank you so much for such a wonderful time! We haven't laughed as much as we did Saturday night! Keep up the great work, and I'll try to get a gang of us together to visit again!" - Barb & Ed

"...many dinner theatres regardless of how good they are, tend to have very similar programs: Large arena style halls with spectacular theme shows and everyone gets the same meal. Capone's tends to take a more intimate, audience participation, approach to the show and has a greater emphasis on the food and variety thereof... I found Capone's style to be a breath of fresh air.. I would go back to Capone's again for sure. Between the many choices of wonderful food and a fun show that makes you really feel a part of the theatre." - Justin Crittenden, Entertainment Critic, The Reporter

"...just wanted to take a moment to let you know how much my family and I enjoyed your dinner show last month while visiting Orlando. Over the years we have been to the area several times and have seen almost all of the area dinner shows. Yours was hands down the best we have seen. The food was excellent, the cost very reasonable and the show itself was fantastic. My kids and I had an absolute blast and will be sure to do it again the next time we visit. I'm sure to tell anyone I know that is heading to Orlando to see your great show. Thank you." - Doug M.

"Wholesome, heartwarming even at full price you will get your moneys worth." - Dick Kerekes, Theater Critic, 1st Coast Entertainer

By Marie Ospina

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