Kissimmee Hot Air Balloon Ride

Balloon RideIf you have ever wished to fly like a bird, then enjoying a balloon ride is one adventurous experience that can get you as close as possible to this feeling.

For every person, whether young or old, flying has always been a fantasy.

Feeling the wind against your face is something you cannot explain in words.

People at World Disney in Kissimmee have arranged for hot air balloon rides in order to allow the visitors to make their flying fantasies a reality.

Let us find out how they do it.

About Orlando Hot Air Balloon Rides:

Some of the key factors that you must know about these hot air balloon rides are as follows:

  • These rides are available 7 days a week and all the year round but only if the weather conditions are favorable.
  • The rides begin about 6 a.m. every day.
  • Every person who is above 11 years of age has to pay for an adult ticket.
  • Make sure that you have made a reservation for a ride.
  • It is suggested that you call the help desk and enquire about the weather conditions a day before the ride. Thus you know before if in case the ride is being cancelled.

These are some of the factors that you should know before embarking on a journey to this amazing place in Orlando.

The entire ride takes about three hours out of which one hour is for flying at about 2000 feet above ground.

The rest includes the preflight safety briefing, determining a launch site by sending small white balloons to track direction of wind, driving you to launch site, balloon inflation (your welcome to take part), ascent and descent.

Simply a Breathtaking View:

When you are flying up in the sky in these spacious hot air balloons you will see the beauty of Kissimmee nature and if your luck is on a roll then you might even see a glimpse of the Disney World from above.

This view is simply awe-inspiring as you will be able to see the earth and the sky meeting at a far-away point forming a horizon that will take your breath away.

What makes this scene more attractive is the fact that you are enjoying this moment with your loved ones and nothing can beat this feeling.

They also allow cameras so that you can capture the moments forever in an image or a video.

Safety in the hot air balloon:

When you are up in a Walt Disney’s hot air balloon ride you do not need to worry about the safety of you and your loved ones.

The pilots who fly these balloons are well trained and FAA approved.

The staff here is completely dedicated to ensure the safety of their passengers.

Kissimmee hot air balloons have been offering these rides for the past 20 years and these have been pretty safe 20 years so far.

Hence you can rest assured that you and your loved ones are in safe hands.

They also request the visitors to call the reservation desk a day before their take off flight.

This process helps the passengers to know if in case the ride will be cancelled due to bad weather conditions.

The staff puts all the efforts to make each of your flying experience a unique one.

A lot of exciting adventures are in store for you and to experience this amazing journey you must make sure that you have made the ride reservation prior to your visit.

To make this reservation you must make a call at 407 415 7283 or use the reservation form below.

It is really as simple as that.

So make your plans sooner to get that amazing flying experience and make your fantasies a reality.

Orlando Balloon Ride Reservation

Adults Ages 11 + $195 per adult (Monday - Friday Flights).
Child Age 4-10 $99 per child (Monday - Friday Flights).

Adults Ages 11 + $225 per adult (Saturday - Sunday Flights).
Child Age 4-10 $109 per child (Saturday - Sunday Flights).

Balloon Ride Reservation

Hot Air Balloon FAQ'S
Q. Where do we meet?
A. Orlando Balloon Rides Welcome Center
44294 US Highway 27, Davenport, FL 33837.

Q. When do we fly?
A. At sunrise 7 days a week(weather permitting)

Q. Do you fly at any other time?
A. No, sunrise is the only time of day the weather will allow us to fly in Florida.

Q. How often do you have to cancel a flight?
A. We fly between 250 and 270 flights a year.
This averages about 5 flights per week.
Even with this average we still must cancel flights occasionally do to inclement weather.
Choose a day early in your trip so as to have backup days available just in case.

Q. How many people can go in a balloon?
A. We fly in 15-20 and 20-25 passenger balloons.
What size balloon or how many balloons we take depends on how many people are scheduled that day.

Q. Will we fly over Disney?
A. We try and as often as possible to go over Disney parks,many times we do!
The actual flight path is determined by the wind.
We don't always go over Disney but you can see the parks from most of our flights.

Q. What time do we meet & when we be done?
A. The entire program takes 3-4 hours.
We meet at about 6 AM and you are done around 9:30.

Q. Can we bring cameras and video recorders?
A. Yes.

Q.Will we be cold up there?
A. No... there is a reason we call them a hot air balloon.
There is a reason we call them hot air balloon rides... You will be 6-8 degrees warmer in the balloon.
We also recommend you wear comfortable shoes

Q. Do I need reservations?

Q. How do I make a reservation?
A. Call 407 415 7283 or use booking form below.

Q. Is it safe?
A. Yes! We fly about 270 flights a year with 4 to 40 passengers on each day,for over 20 years with a spotless record. We don't take chances... "Take Off's" are optional and landings are mandatory.

Q. What if the weather is bad?
A. All of our passengers are asked to call the night before the flight to check the weather forecast for the next mornings flight. Most of the time we know the night before your flight, However, there are days when we will call a flight a go and have to cancel at the launch site. We hate disappointing passengers but we refuse to hurt anyone.

Use Promotion Code KTIB - BALLOON
Or Call 407 415 7283 10AM - 10PM EST
Use Promotion Code KTIB - BALLOON


Cancellation Policy

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